A Class Of Its Own

2020 Chevy Corvette Looks Like A Legit Supercar With Lambo Doors

Is the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette even now a sporting activities vehicle, or is it a bona fide supercar? If your supercar definition is primarily based on price tag and exclusivity, the remedy is no. With a base MSRP squeaking in just underneath $60,000 and Chevrolet’s primary prepare to develop upwards of forty,000 for its inaugural 12 months, the C8 is somewhat cost-effective and not remotely unique.

If, even so, your definition hinges on style and general performance, the remedy is decidedly yes. That is additional reinforced by a new aftermarket scissor door package which is now obtainable, simply because all suitable supercars have vertical-opening doorways, correct?


The package arrives from Eikon Motorsports, and if this all appears to be a little bit common, it ought to. We lined the company’s primary announcement for the doorways back in early May when there had been only renderings of how it would glimpse. The doorways are now officially formal, with a white C8 showing on the company’s Instagram web page with its new wings achieving superior into the sky. The package utilizes factory mounting factors and is explained to be entirely reversible ought to you get bored with vertical doorways, and it arrives with a life span warranty.

What does it value to give the C8 Corvette a Lambo-makeover? Eikon Motorsports advertises a pre-order price tag of $two,999 set up, but advises the price tag will only be very good for a different 24 hours. Considering the article went up a working day back is of this post, it’s safe to assume the pre-order offer is above, creating the set up price tag $four,299. If you want just the package, which is a full $two,699 and involves bolt-on hinges with two gasoline shocks to increase the doorways.

These days, “Lambo” door kits are obtainable for just about every vehicle on the road. Admittedly, the exotic doorways glimpse superior on a mid-engine general performance machine as opposed to a simple hatchback. But does the package insert a lot more supercar cred to the C8 method? Share your ideas with us on aftermarket Lambo doorways in basic.