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2020 Nissan Kicks Turbo manual XV Premium (O) SUV review

What is it?

The new Kicks Turbo with its new, 156hp turbo-petrol motor, promises to be the most pleasurable-to-push edition of Nissan’s SUV however. An SUV we’d been ready to push for a several months, our disappointment when we lastly deal with to lay our palms on the automobile, nonetheless was palpable. There are certainly no visual cues to inform us this is the new turbocharged edition no new bits on the exterior, no new stickers, not even a ‘Turbo’ badge. Even the inside is similar.

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Wherever it is new, nonetheless, is less than the hood. Co-created by Nissan, Renault and Daimler, this high-tech turbo-petrol motor has been made to replace punchy diesels. This is why it delivers a substantial 254Nm from just one,600rpm in this type, and to make it come to feel punchy, great target was laid on small-speed responses and small-electrical power airflow. The turbo employs an electric wastegate for faster responses, features a high-tension, immediate-petrol-injection system (250bar), six-gap injectors, its variable cams are electrically actuated and the motor also employs technological know-how from the Nissan GT-R – Mirror Bore Coating – that lowers friction.

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New one.3-litre turbo-petrol motor is jointly created by Nissan, Renault and Daimler and produces 156hp and 254Nm


What’s it like inside?

When there are no substantial modifications to the inside, the Kicks Turbo remains comfortable and solidly developed. The cabin has a in the vicinity of-indestructible, Duster-like vibe to it (every little thing feels developed to last at the very least a decade) and Nissan has given the cabin a padded dash, comfortable seats and a very able touchscreen.

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The dash feels developed to last, but high-quality concentrations are not rather as good as its Korean rivals.


There are a several significantly less-than-impressive plastics, these kinds of as individuals on the reduced component of the dash, cup-holders are lacking up front, and with no USB ports at the rear, passengers will have to share the a single less than the dash. However, they will not be remaining wanting for space in the rear, the rear bench itself is incredibly comfortable and even the boot is relatively massive and conveniently shaped.

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Lots of space in the again and seat is comfy, but there is no sunroof


What form of features does it get?

Very first up, I want to use its coolest feature. Regarded as Distant Motor Get started, it does what it claims on the tin, and starts off the automobile by way of a button on the essential card. All you want to do is maintain down explained button for about a few seconds and, hey presto, the Kicks Turbo starts off up as simple as that. It, uniquely, is the very first automobile to supply this feature with a guide gearbox.

To use it, the automobile requirements to be parked in neutral with the handbrake up. And if you want the cabin cooled (of training course you do), you want to have remaining the air-con switched on. So as lengthy as you are in selection and can see your automobile from your workplace or property, you can commence it up and awesome the cabin. Nevertheless this automobile arrives with the NissanConnect application, Distant Get started can’t be utilised by way of your mobile phone however, and that is a little bit peculiar.

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eight.-inch touchscreen operates perfectly.


Nissan has also loaded the SUV with other package. The Kicks Turbo arrives with things like related-automobile tech and a 360-diploma parking camera, as perfectly as things like voice recognition, idle quit-commence, automatic headlights, cornering lights, ESP, hill-commence help, cruise regulate, rain-sensing wipers and LED headlamps. Nevertheless features like cooled seats and wi-fi charging, uncovered on competitors like the Hyundai Creta, are lacking.

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Motor quit-commence component of the package.


What’s it like to push?

There’s a trace of vibration at idle, particularly when the compressor cuts in, and as I get into targeted traffic, the clutch feels a little bit weighty. This, nonetheless, is quickly overlooked. The Kicks Turbo pulls incredibly perfectly when I lastly get a hole in targeted traffic.

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There’s a solid tug, even on a mild throttle, the automobile is often straining at the leash, and greater even now, whatsoever the speed, it would seem to have a good deal of oomph in reserve. The floodgates only actually open when the motor receives into its mid-selection, even though. Get the turbo blowing, place your foot down, and the surge is so solid, the Kicks just shoots forward. This is specially pleasurable when you fly earlier autos that if not consider some setting up to go, and what feels nicer even now is that responses are rather instantaneous.

After we get onto the freeway, the motor pulls cleanly all the way earlier five,500rpm, and right here far too, keeping on the fuel feels great, as the Kicks Turbo pulls forward smartly. Nevertheless, the ramp-up in functionality flattens as the motor receives nearer to six,000rpm. Contrary to VW’s one. TSI or Kia’s one.4 T-GDi, this motor is far more of a slugger, with most of the operate carried out in the mid-selection. I desire the best conclude was a little bit more powerful even though managing this 156hp motor to the redline is mildly disappointing.

So how swift is it? When we did perform a test, the -100kph time of 11.85sec for this guide edition (there is a CVT-car on supply as perfectly) does not paint an exact picture. The traction regulate system couldn’t be switched off and then, to make matters even worse, there was a rev lock. So, alternatively of powering away from rest with its front wheels spinning, the Kicks Turbo only limped off the line.

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In-equipment situations, where by the start does not matter, do give a greater sign of the rate. twenty-80 in third normally takes 11.16sec – not far too significantly off the 10.05sec recorded by the lighter, 140hp Kia Seltos which, incidentally, does -a hundred in a blistering eight.96sec.

2020 Nissan Kicks one.3 turbo-petrol MT functionality (as tested)*
-10kph .seventy nine sec
-20kph one.ninety one sec
-30kph two.sixty eight sec
-40kph 3.forty sec
-50kph 4.27 sec
-60kph five.sixty five sec
-70kph six.71 sec
-80kph 7.92 sec
-90kph 9.84 sec
-100kph 11.eighty five sec
-110kph 13.seventy nine sec
-120kph fifteen.eighty three sec
-130kph eighteen.36 sec
-140kph 21.sixty five sec
twenty-80kph (in third) 11.sixteen sec
forty-100kph (in fourth) 12.sixty seven sec

The Kicks Turbo also is not in its ingredient in quit-commence targeted traffic. The clutch is a little bit weighty, the gears at times want an more shove, and then there is that very little little bit of turbo lag to contend with. Absolutely sure, you can simply push all over these challenges, but then it plainly is not as mild, uncomplicated or as refined to push as anything like a Creta or a Seltos.

How comfortable is the Nissan Kicks Turbo?

With its 200mm of floor clearance and the hard, Duster-derived suspension that is tuned for rough streets, the Kicks is just good more than weak surfaces. There is a trace of stiffness in the springs, and you do come to feel some of the sharper-edged bumps. But the trip is flat, there is nearly no bounce and, since the suspension feels sturdy sufficient to push flat-out more than even a rally stage, you are likely to just maintain your foot down.

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What’s also specially nice, particularly with this 156hp motor less than the hood, is that it feels nicely planted in corners. No matter what roll there is, is perfectly contained, but there is a honest volume of torque steer when you are really hard on the throttle, and, at situations, it tramlines or follows ridges in the highway. However, the steering has a good deal of come to feel, switch-in is rather constructive and you can essentially string alongside one another a established of corners and get pleasure from them. It is so significantly pleasurable, it even feels like a little bit of a rally hero on a gravel stage.

Really should you invest in a single?

There’s very little question, the Turbo is simply the best Kicks however. Thrilling to push more than good and negative streets, it provides uncomplicated-to-entry functionality, a chassis that is prepared to participate in, and a hard and sturdy construct. The cabin is a comfortable position to devote time, it is perfectly appointed, and it is even reasonably geared up.

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No Turbo badge at rear this just could the ultimate ‘sleeper’ it has far more than sufficient grunt to surprise.


It does slide driving competitors like the Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta is some spots. The cabin is not as sophisticated, refinement is not as good, it is not rather as perfectly geared up and it does not conduct as strongly both. In truth, for all its headline figures, the functionality of the Kicks is not as impressive as we envisioned it to be, and unless you go for the optional CVT, the weighty clutch and gearshift suggest it normally takes a little bit far more exertion to push in targeted traffic.

What places the Kicks again on an even keel with its two Korean rivals, nonetheless, is the truth that it is roughly Rs two lakh more cost-effective. It may well not be for all people, and it may well even now be a little bit rough all over the edges, but does the Kicks Turbo have what it normally takes to supply a credible choice, at a far more inexpensive cost? Absolutely. 

* General performance figures not to Autocar India test requirements.

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