September 25, 2022


A Class Of Its Own

Apocalypse Dark Horse Is A Mean-Looking Ford Bronco 6×6

The team at Apocalypse Production took a new Ford Bronco and transformed it into a completely practical six-wheel-travel motor vehicle. The Dim Horse is what the firm calls this suggest generation because this stallion has a signify streak.

In front, the Ford Bronco 6×6 capabilities a new bumper with a light bar in the centre and stacked lamps on each side. It also has some substantial tow hooks. The upgraded suspension gives the rig a 4.-inch (10.16-centimeter) carry. 

Apocalypse Production pushes the twin-turbo V6’s output to 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). The tweaks incorporate revised program, larger injectors, expanding the improve, and a new exhaust.

The even larger alterations are at the back. The enterprise extends the bed and fenders to make home for the excess axle. A revised roof panel has more side and rear windows that are not on a stock Bronco. A entire-sized spare wheel mounts to the tailgate. The extension will take the vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper duration to 225 inches (5.715 meters).

The Bronco Production rides on rugged, 37-inch Milestar Patagonia M/T tires. The dry mud on the sidewalls in a couple of of the illustrations or photos tells us that Apocalypse 6×6 is acquiring some off-street use from this truck.

The reupholstered inside has maritime-quality leather-based in a brown-and-black shade plan.

The builds from Apocalypse Manufacturing involve the Ram-TRX-centered Warlord. For $250,000, buyers get a burly truck with a lifted ride top and a fashion bar in excess of the mattress. Ability stays unchanged from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 making 702 horsepower (534 kilowatts) and 650 pound-feet (881 Newton-meters) of torque.

There is also the Jeep-Gladiator-primarily based Hellfire. The corporation gives them with a selection of engines, which includes a GM-sourced LS3 V8, Hellcat V8, or a 3.-liter twin-turbo diesel. It has a menacing front conclude with squinting lights and a bulging hood.

Apocalypse Production isn’t really alone in doing work on a 6-wheeled-push Bronco. Maxlider Brothers Customs confirmed a rendering for 1 in 2021. The enterprise mentioned a establish started off at $399,000, and it supposed to begin deliveries in 2022.

Ford is increasing the Bronco lineup with numerous new entries and solutions. The Raptor model is the most notable one particular on the way. There is certainly also the Everglades that arrives with a snorkel from the manufacturing unit. There’s also the HOSS 3. deal for the Wild Trak trim level. at?v=R5poHqXfPkM