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Audi TT RS Reviews | Overview

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AUDI’S TT RS has built a comeback to the Australian industry, returning in facelifted form just after homologation troubles abroad and other elements conspired to continue to keep the sportscar out of regional showrooms for additional than a year.


It prices back in with the familiar hearth-respiratory 294kW 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo-petrol engine. And though that is no lousy factor, there is a suspension enhance amid the products overhaul that in in general terms provides a load of excess worth to the flagship of the TT vary.


With the TT in its remaining throes of its present-day lifecycle and not coming into a fourth generation – at the very least, not as we know it – this new RS, now priced from $134,900 as well as on-highway expenditures, appears to be like to be the very last roll of the dice. 


Is it worthy of the gamble?

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