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Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, QC – At Audi Canada’s invitation, we not long ago took advantage of a chilly, snowy day at the Mécaglisse racetrack north of Montreal in Quebec to hone our expertise on the ice and place the company’s several Quattro all-wheel travel programs to the check.

3 designs to examination
Three products were being available on web-site. For the occasions, Audi Canada experienced sent in excess of no less than 6 Audi RS6 wagons, equipped with a 591-horsepower 4.-litre V8. There was also the new S3 and its 300 hp below the hood, as perfectly as thee-tron GT RS electric design. The Mechaglisse circuit becoming entirely icy, all the autos ended up dressed with studded winter tires. We experienced to be provided at least 50 % a prospect, soon after all…

The Quattro units
The purpose of this take a look at day was to understand Audi’s Quattro philosophy and methods, through 6 distinct workouts. From the slalom keep track of to the skid circle to the icy keep track of, all the worries have been there for us to have our minimal enjoyment with. For every workshop, there were being the 3 designs and each individual driver took turns driving every single a single. The skid ring was the only location in which there were being only gasoline-driven styles.

The Audi RS6 wagon

Mastering the Beast
The RS6 is an outstanding machine on the highway, but on the ice, it’s a various tale. You have to be deft with it, for the reason that even a tiny way too much throttle and you’re bound to spin out.

On this model, the Quattro configuration has a default engine energy break up that sends 60 % to the rear wheels and 40 % to the front. This technique is built to give you the truly feel of driving a rear-wheel push auto in usual use, but if the rear wheels start off to shed traction, the system can immediately divert a lot more energy to the front wheels. The response is fast and you can consistently come to feel the process compensating for the reduction of traction.

Of the three designs on web page, the RS6 was the quickest to adapt to a predicament. On the other hand, its pounds and sheer electricity posed a challenge. As soon as mastered, while, we could take care of it perfectly on the skid ring, and the audio of the engine at high revs was an extra, chilling bonus.

The Audi S3

The S3, additional compact and agile
The Quattro procedure on the S3 feeds primarily the front wheels, until eventually they start off to eliminate traction, at which place a multi-plate clutch diverts electrical power to the rear wheels – though people under no circumstances get additional than 50 % of the energy. You will find a pre-load on the rear wheels that keeps the response time to a bare minimum.

On the Mecaglisse circuit, it was the most intriguing vehicle to travel due to the fact of its compact dimension and lighter excess weight, which built it incredibly maneuverable. In the slalom party and on the skid ring, the enjoyment of it left smiles on all the drivers’ faces, in addition the sound of the 4-cylinder usually can make you want to request for extra.

The Audi e-tron GT RS

An electric Audi far too
The newcomer for lots of of the media on web-site was the e-tron GT RS electrical athletics sedan, which features the equal of 590 hp (637 with the overboost operate) and 612 lb-ft of torque.

Considering that this is an electric vehicle, there’s certainly no mechanical hyperlink among the wheels and the motor. Instead, electronic impulses repeatedly alter and preserve the suitable torque distribution involving the two axles in a totally variable manner, in fractions of a next. This is produced doable by a motor on the entrance axle and two electric powered motors in a one housing on the rear axle. This suggests that just about every axle has two motors, the conversation of which final results in the electrical Quattro.

A unique feel
The connection concerning the front and rear axles is obtained solely by way of linked program functions. The electrical Quattro procedure distributes torque involving the entrance and rear axles as needed, from zero to 100 %. Ice is the ideal area to see how responsive these kinds of a system is. We did come across that the electronic and considerably sanitized sense normally takes a bit of receiving employed to.

The process is helpful, although, particularly in hoe it disguises the car’s 2,250 kg bodyweight, but it can be its digitized way of ensuring traction that’s a little unsettling at 1st. The mechanical Quattro is a make any difference of instinct and the RS6 is predictable. You can sense when a corner is well taken. In the e-tron, you have to count on the algorithms. The performance is pretty great, but it can be a various way to generate.

The diverse drive modes give a distinctive mapping, for case in point emphasizing the rear wheels in dynamic method. There is certainly even a rear axle differential lock that’s integrated into the electronic chassis platform handle operations on the RS e-tron GT and optional on the e-tron GT. This characteristic increases lateral acceleration through focused torque distribution, increases traction and balance and cuts down load-change reactions, offering incredibly gasoline-like reaction and dealing with.

The Audi RS6, in action on the snow

The Audi RS6, in action on the snow

Permitting the driver management the factors
For all of the day’s workouts, 1 section of the workshop was performed with the electronic driving aids on (except for the skid ring) and the other with them off. Useless to say, the second portion was by much the most appealing and the just one that taught us the most about the car’s true character.

The gasoline products have the edge of being much more predictable. Soon after rubbing a couple snowbanks a very little too closely in the initially lap, we uncovered the ideal dosage to apply (which is pretty tough on ice) and then we felt we could entirely love the auto. Which is a lot more challenging with the electrical model, due to the fact obtaining the suitable stability with digital impulses is just much more complicated. Nevertheless, we have to confess that the e-tron GT RS is quite able and able after you get utilized to its weight and dimension.

The 2022 Audi S3, RS6 and e-tron GT RS

The 2022 Audi S3, RS6 and e-tron GT RS