Amman, the capital of exciting Jordan is usually the first stop for international visitors. After arriving to the International airport majority of tourists take advantage of car rental in Amman. And here are five travel reasons why car rental in Jordan gets convenient mode of transportation. Nevertheless, as everywhere in the world Jordan has public transport. The most common are taxis. Still, for those who like comfort and freedom, Jordanian hot destinations get easily accessible by car.

Amman – urban strollers will enjoy downtown or better known by locals »wast al-balad«, a perfect stopover for those who can not wait to shop for silver or gold and checkered scarfs.

Madaba – only thirty kilometres south of capital. Driving by car should take half an hour of your time. Madaba is known for mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, made with more than two million pieces of local coloured stone.

Petra – a fascinating archaeological park and the most popular destination in the county. In order to experience Petra, it is good to spend there two or even three days.

Wadi Rum – three hours and a half from Amman, an orange desert could be real adventure. Spend a day in the desert with Bedouins, enjoy tranquility of the silent sands. Sunsets in Wadi Rum are unforgettable.

Aqaba – is the country’s only seaport. Could be perfect last stop to enjoy the sun, relax and stroll along the sandy beach.

While in Jordan, keep in mind that water supplies are tight, so don’t waste the water. In addition, Fridays in Jordan are weekly holiday – or western Sunday.