A Class Of Its Own

How To Make The Chevrolet Blazer Way More Fun

To tune the Chevrolet Blazer 3.6L with HPTuners, you can want 1 of the firm’s tuning gadgets – these as the compact MPVI2 OBDII device – as nicely as the firm’s newest VCM Suite Beta computer software. You can also want 4 HPTuners credits, at a full price tag of about $two hundred on top of the MPVI2 device.

HPTuners won’t explicitly state how a lot energy 1 can anticipate to attain by a tune on the Chevrolet Blazer’s 3.6L LGX. But thinking of that the sixth-generation Camaro RS takes advantage of the identical motor but offers 335 horsepower of peak output, it truly is clear the motor has some energy remaining in it – assuming the Blazer’s ingestion and exhaust can flow adequate volume to unlock it.