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Lifted Mini Countryman By X-Raid Looks Great In Adventure Gear

X-raid is happy to introduce a distinctive off-street package for the MINI Countryman. At the...

X-raid is happy to introduce a distinctive off-street package for the MINI Countryman. At the coronary heart of the package is an raise of the ground clearance of up to four centimetres and the off-street rims. Further characteristics and a structure package full the off-street come to feel. The MINI Countryman powered by X-raid is the outcome of hundreds of kilometres as a help car to the five-time Dakar winner at the Dakar Rally.

The MINI Countryman powered by X-raid is very well-geared up for adventurers. The raise of ground clearance of up to four centimetres is achieved by way of a combination of a two-centimetre physique elevate kit and greater rims and tyres combination. X-raid uses the more robust rims, with each other with tyres with a better sidewall to stay clear of tyre problems. On top of that, a rim ring is applied and therefor it is not essential to replace the full rim in situation of getting a problems. At the same time, this also helps make it doable to conceal the peak of the tyres.

Further LED headlights allow for improved eyesight in the darkish on tough terrain. The lightweight, aluminium roof rack ensures there is space for every little thing you need to have on an escape from the daily grind. With the structure package, consisting of MINI Piano Black factors and orange X-raid structure accents, the MINI Countryman powered by X-raid really stands out in a crowd.

The whole package, or particular person factors, can be requested at [email protected]

Knowledge and learnings from the Dakar Rally
X-raid can get in touch with on a prosperity of expertise gained through several appearances at the iconic desert rally. The five-periods Dakar winners not only gained this expertise when planning the rally cars on their own: the company fleet, which transports staff customers from one particular bivouac to the upcoming, also handles hundreds of kilometres – generally on very poor street ailments. X-raid first applied the MINI Countryman in 2010. In the years considering the fact that, the car has been continually modified to cope with the distinct troubles it faces.

When the company cars do typically journey on public roads through the Dakar, they are not normally in very good ailment. Potholes and gravel stretches are component and parcel of the celebration and have posed a selection of troubles for X-raid. In buy to stay clear of problems on the very poor roads, and to strengthen drivability, the staff has elevated the trip peak of the MINI Countryman.

When crossing the Andes concerning Argentina and Chile, the company cars travelled hundreds of kilometres on gravel routes with sharp-edged stones. These regularly resulted in punctures, and a tyre modify at around four,000 metres over sea level was literally a breath-taking activity for the crew. Extra robust tyres and rims authorized X-raid to get to grips with this issue.

The MINI Countryman was all over again component of the X-raid staff for the 2020 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, where it was witness to victory selection five for the X-raid staff and a maiden Dakar results for the MINI JCW Buggy.