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New 2022 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 rewrites the supercar rule book

Gordon Murray has discovered his self-styled successor to the McLaren F1: the Gordon Murray Automotive...

Gordon Murray has discovered his self-styled successor to the McLaren F1: the Gordon Murray Automotive T.fifty. The famed automotive engineer describes it as a true analogue supercar and the great antidote to more and more hefty fashionable hypercars.

With 2020 marking the 50th 12 months of Professor Murray’s job, the T.fifty features nods to his operate in vehicle style and design and Components Just one. It features ground-impact aerodynamics and a bespoke V12 motor from Cosworth, though all of the significant factors have been sourced from British isles providers.

This is our very first good glance at the T.fifty. Only a hundred will be generated, costing £2.36million each right before taxes, and practically two thirds of the output operate has previously been bought.

Murray describes that the T.50’s style and design is an exercise in purity, emphasising the absence of large wings, flaps or vents, observed on present-day supercars and hypercars. As these types of, the small nose of the car or truck is clean and unspoilt by a large splitter or canards, and is reminiscent of the McLaren F1.

“It looks even far better than I hoped,” he instructed us through a walkaround with the vehicle. “There’s not a one area on this vehicle that I’m not joyful with. It looks seriously amazing, and a large improve from the latest crop of supercars. There appears to be to be a war to see who can make the most outrageous-searching vehicle with swoops and ducts and wings. This one’s rather pure like the F1.”

Against the tape, the T.fifty is 4,352mm lengthy, 1,850mm huge – providing it a footprint which is a minor bigger than a Volkswagen Golf’s – and 1,164mm tall. Crucially, pounds is stored under one tonne, at 986kg with fluids. The chassis is bonded carbon-aluminium, though the bodywork is carbon fibre.

Even so, the T.50’s most evident revision more than the McLaren F1 is at the rear, wherever a large supporter capable of creating 15kg of downforce is observed. It’s a nod to Prof Murray’s notorious BT46B Fan Automobile that raced in the 1978 F1 period, and gives the T.fifty with true ground-impact aerodynamics, devoid of the need to have for any large wings or splitters. Murray discovered to Car Specific that a twin-supporter arrangement was viewed as through the McLaren F1’s progress, but that time constraints ruled it out.

The drivetrain is yet another nod to analogue supercars of the previous. Professor Murray has commissioned Cosworth to acquire a higher-revving, the natural way aspirated 4.-litre V12 for the T.fifty producing 654bhp and up to 690bhp with ram induction. Greatest ability is generated at 11,500rpm, with the redline set at twelve,100rpm.

The mid-mounted motor is totally on exhibit in the motor bay, unobscured by covers. “This is these types of a killer motor Cosworth has carried out. It’s so much in advance of something else which is at any time been generated in its pounds, structure, optimum revs and ability density. In specific, the responsiveness is light-years in advance,” Murray instructed us.

No performance figures have been discovered just yet according to Murray, they are not the issue of the T.fifty. “The reality of chasing best speeds only adds pounds, notably by means of at any time-much more strong engines, which improve the requirement for bigger, heavier ancillaries. We are getting a pretty distinctive method,” he discussed. 

Generate is despatched to the rear wheels, and the T.fifty features a bespoke 6-velocity manual gearbox made by expert Xtrac. Many generate modes have been confirmed, which include a streamline placing that generates a ‘virtual longtail’, a higher-downforce manner to make the most of the fan’s ground impact, and a V-Max placing for best-velocity runs, applying ram induction to enhance ability to 690bhp. Alternatively GT manner restricts the motor, generating the T.fifty much more consumer-helpful.

The feature most reminiscent of the McLaren F1 is observed within, with a three-seat structure placing the driver centrally and in advance of two passengers. At the rear of the wheel is a rev counter flanked by two large screens, and Murray claims a driver-oriented environment with easy, tactile controls. Creature comforts include a ten-speaker stereo, smartphone connectivity and a pair of screens in its place of wing mirrors.

Gordon Murray Q&A

Gordon Murray launched his vehicle individually to media in advance of its expose. Our deputy editor John McIlroy caught up with the legendary designer – and the T.fifty.

Q: Why are you generating this sort of vehicle – an indirect successor to likely your most well-known development, the McLaren F1?

A: “Well, if you glance back, I truthfully don’t assume anybody’s carried out an F1 due to the fact the F1 – that substantially absolute focus on the driving pleasure and the light pounds. And a vehicle with no targets – no best velocity, -62mph or lap time at the Nürburgring to assume of.

“There are a good deal of automobiles out there that are substantially much more capable than the F1 – the turbos, the hybrids – but none of them presents me the spine-tingling sensation that the F1 presents me. Some folks even now say that you cannot beat the driving experience of an F1. But I can notify you this is going to move the activity on all over again.”

Q: This is the launch vehicle for Gordon Murray Automotive. What are your brand’s main values?

A: “Our three targets are to be the lightest vehicle, the very best driving experience and the very best engineering in whichever sector the vehicle is positioned.”

Q: And you are undoubtedly going to adhere to no much more than a hundred automobiles per 12 months?

A: “Never much more than a hundred. Of something. We have precisely not gone for capability past that figure.

Q: You’re likely not going to notify us what sort of vehicle is coming future, then…

A: “Well, we have an eight-12 months strategy, but I’m eager to get the T.fifty out of the doorway very first. We’ll begin providing automobiles to shoppers at the beginning of 2022.”

Q: Can you resist the temptation to make an SUV?

A: “Yes.”

Gordon Murray’s street vehicle catalogue

McLaren F1

Revenue-no-item hypercar rewrote benchmarks in 1993. Just sixty four street automobiles ended up built values these days exceed £15m.

LCC Rocket

Track-working day flyer had the looks of a fifties racer but wonderful tempo, with a Yamaha bike motor pushing just 380kg.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

Supercharged V8 super-coupe was an homage to Merc’s three hundred SLR. It was generated at McLaren’s factory in Surrey.

Yamaha Athletics Trip

Curvy coupe surprised showgoers at the 2015 Tokyo exhibit, but output edition never ever built it past setting up.


Earlier T.twenty five and T.27 city automobiles unsuccessful to get to purchasers, but one-seat quadricycle looks much more suitable by the working day.


Flat-pack car or truck is created to be delivered to producing regions and then assembled there applying area labour.

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