A Class Of Its Own

Russia Takes Tuning To Next Level By Installing Four Mufflers

Garage 54 has been accomplishing weird issues with vehicles, typically with Lada autos. The Russian tuner has once transformed a Lada to have a heart wheel lock. It also tried out to transform one into a D.I.Y. all-wheel-generate sedan. There was also this one time when the fellas coated a purple Lada with 35 layers of apparent coat for a quite shiny finish.

But Garage 54 just isn’t just into Ladas. These fellas once stress-washed a Nissan in the name of science, while a Toyota RAV4 with an automated gearbox was experimented on to see no matter whether it will split down when switched to reverse at speeds while relocating forward. Most not long ago, a Fiat Uno was presented 8 wheels – yes, 8 wheels, building it a weird-wanting hatchback.

Now, that same Fiat Uno has been repurposed with a little something else. No, our beloved Russian tuner didn’t test to give it one more set of wheels. This time close to, the weak Italian hatchback was presented 4 mufflers – one every single cylinder, all set up with an open hood.

To be good, setting up multiple exhaust pipes just isn’t really a new point with vehicles. Some sizzling-rod tuners do these modification, but most of them are just for display. In addition, they’re typically just exhausts that make issues significantly louder.

Immediately after very careful set up of 4 mufflers coming out of an open hood, Garage 54 was able to finish the challenge to see what would transpire. In idea, 4 mufflers really should subdue the program a good deal but what do you feel transpired in this situation.

Observe the entire video clip on leading of this site. It really should be an intriguing enjoy. You know, a little something various to enjoy this weekend.