Cars are complex machines that have continued evolving over time. Although different car brands and models use different tech approaches, maintaining a car is usually straightforward, particularly if the user follows its manual strictly. One of the parts that car users should pay close attention to is the engine. The following tips can help you avoid car engine failure.

Drive Responsibly

Whether you plan to buy or rent a new or used Kia, ensure you drive responsibly. Although car engines are made to last several years, they may fail without any warning. One of the leading causes of engine failure is overheating. This issue can be caused by irresponsible driving habits such as towing heavy loads, high speeds, or running the car’s air conditioner while idling.

Never Ignore the Engine Light Warning

If your car engine lights up, call your mechanic immediately. This is usually a sign that something may be wrong with your engine. Mechanical problems that can trigger the engine light to turn on include issues with the emission problem, ignition, gas cap, and fuel injection. Ignoring this sign can worsen the damage or even endanger your life if the issue causes an accident.

Schedule Timely Maintenance

Car maintenance is key when it comes to taking care of the engine. One key aspect of car maintenance is changing your engine oil on time. The engine oil helps lubricate crucial parts, which prevents the engine from overheating. Other car maintenance elements that will help your engine remain in good shape include changing the air filter, maintaining the cooling system, and changing the fuel filter.

Besides keeping your car in good condition, maintaining the engine plays a significant role in keeping you safe while driving. Ignoring various warning signs or engaging in irresponsible driving habits will lead to avoidable engine failure, plus other mechanical issues.