October 3, 2022


A Class Of Its Own

The Connected Car of The Future

Vehicles are becoming progressively linked and autonomous and can converse with each other in what is identified as the auto-to-vehicle (V-2-V) product as perfectly as with its environment via vehicle-to-every thing (V2X) technological know-how.

Be part of panellists from 5GAA, OmniAir, Qualcomm, and Keysight Technologies as they share their views on 5G and cellular V2X examination insights.

Achieve an overview of:

  • V-2-V conversation, exclusively the potential of cars to converse with its surroundings such as site visitors lights or smartphones, and why it is critical.
  • Why automotive firms are deciding upon to use C-V2X engineering and not Wi-Fi 6 or shorter-array technological know-how.


Markus Haller, Editor at WEKA FACHMEDIEN


Jason Conley, Executive Director at OmniAir Consortium

Maxime Flament, Main Engineering Officer at 5GAA

Jim Misener, Senior Director, Item Management – Worldwide V2X Ecosyetm Direct, Qualcomm

Bill McKinley, Automotive Strategic Planner at Keysight Technologies