May 31, 2023


A Class Of Its Own

This Armored Sprinter Van Is The Safest Way To Relax In Comfort

The AddArmor is just not just deluxe it really is also safe. Potential buyers can opt for countermeasure options these kinds of as smokescreens, pepper spray canisters, and sonic seem cannons or stunning doorway handles for group dispersion. Within, protection actions involve hidden gun ports and a key escape hatch. The van is equipped with barricade-busting bumpers for improved sturdiness and operate-flat tires ought to aid it escape just about any situation.

AddArmor will completely transform your Sprinter van into a mobile protected area beginning at $28,000, even though all those solutions will possible push the rate noticeably bigger. For reference, a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger expenditures about $forty one,000 to $55,000, this means you could theoretically have it armored for below six figures.