A Class Of Its Own

This Is The Range Rover SV Coupe We Never Got

In fact, almost nothing extra than the fenders, hood, and trunk lid are shared with the standard model. For occasion, the sick-fated Array Rover SV Coupe experienced vertical imitation ventilation ducts forward of the front door, but the Adventum Coupe does away with these. “The shutlines of the door actively contribute to a extra elegant aspect see,” points out Van Roij. “The interior has also been largely redesigned due to the main alterations to the exterior.”

In the beautiful cabin, what quickly catches the eye in addition to the crimson Nappa leather-based is the ground, which is coated in handmade teak wood. Accentuated by white lines, it reminds of a luxurious yacht. Other lovely specifics consist of hand-produced door panels and a door pocket in crimson leather-based, even though at the back, there are two power-adjustable captain’s chairs.

The magnificent touches even extend to the trunk, which houses two black/crimson umbrellas in leather-based and with hand-stitching.