A Class Of Its Own

This RWD Celica With Lexus V8 Swap Was Built By A Toyota Engineer

Engine swaps are a dime a dozen in the aftermarket arena. Typically, it’s an LS swap – a GM-sourced V8 slipped below the hood of all kinds of metal. There are crazier swaps out there, of course, but the LS swap is common for a explanation. Even then, it’s not everyone’s go-to motor of alternative, specifically for 1 Toyota engineer, in accordance to the advert. A new listing on Facebook Market, found by our colleagues at Highway & Monitor, is giving an motor-swapped Toyota Celica, not with a GM V8, but 1 from a Lexus.

The listing is for a 2003 Celica, though there’s tiny mechanically left of that motor vehicle. In its place, you get the 4.three-liter 3UZ-FE V8 that run the likes of the Lexus LS, GS, and many others. The mill tends to make more than 320 horsepower (238 kilowatts), and you can get it with either a manual or computerized gearbox, though there is a $4,000 value difference concerning the two. Ability now routes to the rear wheels. A stainless steel and aluminum exhaust, with electronically managed cutouts, helps the V8 breathe.

The advert suggests the Celica is OBD and emissions compliant. It has air conditioning and airbags, and notes that “all techniques work as expected.” The entrance and rear suspension are from a Supra TT, and it also capabilities coilovers and adjustable control arms. Brakes are upgraded to deal with the extra electricity, and it has a Helical restricted-slip differential. Top speed is north of a hundred thirty miles for each hour (209 kilometers for each hour), and the seller is including two sets of eighteen-inch F-Activity wheels and tires.

The value begins at $29,000 for the computerized, but people seeking the manual will have to invest $33,000. It is a large amount of cash for a just about twenty-12 months-outdated motor vehicle, though “one of none,” in accordance to the listing. And if it issues, there’s a new black leather-based inside, way too, that provides the motor vehicle a like-new overall look on the within.