A Class Of Its Own

Toyota GR Supra Just As Quick As BMW M2 Competition

And to hold things fair, each autos were outfitted with the very same Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Each autos carried out a incredibly hot lap all around the circuit, and the periods were a good deal nearer than you would believe. The BMW M2 Levels of competition lapped the Hockenheim-GP circuit in 1 moment and fifty eight.four seconds. The Toyota GR Supra? A person moment and fifty eight.9 seconds.

Irrespective of getting practically 40 a lot less hp according to Toyota, the GR Supra was only .four seconds slower than the BMW. That is significantly outstanding when you look at the big cost change involving the two versions: the Toyota GR Supra three. starts at $forty nine,990, whilst the BMW M2 Levels of competition will set you back at the very least $fifty eight,900.