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Toyota-Panasonic JV to build batteries for hybrids | Automotive Industry News

A Toyota-Panasonic batteries JV has claimed it will construct batteries for hybrid autos at a plant on Japan from 2022.

Prime World Power & Remedies, Inc. claimed the corporation will start output of prismatic lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles in Tokushima Prefecture. Prime World Power & Remedies will build a new battery output line in the existing Tokushima factory of the Power Remedies Organization Division and will have more than enough capacity to construct batteries for close to 500,000 vehicles a yr.

The start off of output is prepared from 2022, progressively expanding output concentrations.

Prime World Power & Remedies commenced functions in April 2020 as a joint venture for automotive prismatic batteries (owned 51% by Toyota Motor Company and forty nine% by Panasonic Company).