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VW ‘e-Beetle’ among trademarks filed by German automaker

A handful of months ago, the folks at electric powered VW forum VW ID Speak uncovered that the German automaker trademarked the identify “e-Samba” with the European Union Mental Home place of work. That identical discussion board has now discovered a handful of other names based mostly on traditional Volkswagens. Each of the names stick to the identical pattern as e-Samba, adding a lowercase “e” prefix to a traditional vehicle identify. Most intriguing is that 1 of the trademarked names is “e-Beetle.”

It would be straightforward to jump to conclusions that VW is setting up a line of classic automobile revivals that are electric powered, but there are numerous factors automakers trademark names. In some cases it can be just to reserve a identify in the off possibility it decides to use 1. It could be to reduce yet another firm from obtaining it for their possess merchandise or to promote it again to VW for a earnings. Naturally it could also be for a new vehicle altogether, 1 that could be a great enhance to the impending ID.Buzz, perhaps known as e-Samba. Though yet another probability is that VW is setting up a line of electric powered powertrains to be bought for conversions to classic automobiles. Just after all, the firm formerly showed an electric powered Beetle conversion known as e-Beetle or “e-Kafer” for the German identify (pictured previously mentioned).

Then there is certainly the names by themselves, which also seem to aid the idea that this could be for a line of conversion powertrains. One particular of them is the “e-Golf Classic,” and it would seem odd to emphasize “traditional” in a modern day electric powered Golf. The “e-Karmann” is yet another 1 that would be great to see as a reimagined electric powered vehicle, but in all probability isn’t going to have the wide attractiveness of a Beetle or Bus to merit a modern day vehicle.

We’ve also separated the fourth identify due to the fact it would seem like a bad idea to even trademark: “e-Kübel.” Although “kubel” has other works by using in German, when used in reference to a Volkswagen, it can be intrinsically tied to the Kübelwagen military truck crafted by VW for the Nazi armed forces in World War II. Even as a attainable identify for a historic EV conversion, this would seem like a identify VW should not get worried about maintaining a trademark for. We might recommend trademarking something like “e-Kurier” to reference the German identify of the Detail, or even “e-Detail” for some kind of Jeep-like EV. No, wait, “Detail-e!” 

Irrespective of whether or not these logos will be used for new versions, revamped aged automobiles or almost nothing at all, it is an attention-grabbing search into VW’s suggestions for its electric powered foreseeable future. It surely would seem the firm has an eye on exceptional EVs, which we’re happy to see.

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